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Wojciech Pawlak, M. Sc., Eng.

Wojciech Pawlak M. Sc. Eng. born in 1981 in Lodz, Poland, he was married in 2005 and graduated in the year before from the Lodz University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, specialization Materials Engineering, Surface Engineering. The subject of his dissertation was "Device project, its construction and measurement of the wetting angle in the system Ti6Al4V/TiCN".

Professional practice:

  • Physical Electronics Institute, University of Stuttgart, Germany (3 months students' practice) in the frame of the international of the students' exchange organized by IAESTE Organization;
  • Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Warsaw, Poland - students summer practice in Silicon Epitaxy Department;
  • ASCO-Joucomatics, Lodz, Poland - students summer practice as a CNC maschine tool operator.

At the present moment he is a postgraduate student of the Doctoral Study "Machines Design and Exploitation" at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Lodz University of Technology. In 2006 he has started his doctoral Thesis: "Manufacturing of multilayer low friction, wear resistant MeCN/C coatings on titanium alloys by means of a hybrid PVD method".

Scientific interests: His research activity concerns in general the problems of improvement tribological behaviour and wear of titanium alloys by means of diffusion treatment, coatings engineering and powder metalurgy.

He was a memeber a team performing investigations in a grant from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research in the years 2004-2006 devoted to development of a new metal-ceramic composite in Ti6Al4V/TiCN system.
Bursar of the Regional Programme WIDDOK for Assistance of the Innovative Activity of Ph. D. Students of the Lodz Region co-financed by European Social Fund.

Languages: English - fluently, German - basic and Polish (native language).


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